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Mar 08

Information on Pattaya Thailand

Pattaya is located about 2 hours south of Bangkok on Sukhumvit road. I have lived in Pattaya 2 different times on my 10 year stay in Thailand. I really like the city because it has many things to do. If you all mall shopping the shopping in Pattaya is very good. You can't beat the nightlife of Pattaya but more on that below.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

Pattaya City Areas

North Pattaya

North Pattaya also called Pattaya nua,  starts from the dolphin circle and goes north. The area is experiencing a rebirth right now and many new condominium projects. This area has a lot to offer so make sure to check it out. The area has some great North Pattaya hotels.

Central Pattaya

Central Pattaya is from soi 1 to Soi 20. This area has many beer bars on the lower sois. When i was there last they were taking out a lot of the old bars and replacing them with shop houses. Also the holiday Inn and other more expensive Pattaya hotels can be found in this area.

Soi 6 is a great place to go to hang out with your friends or make a quick encounter. The area is loaded with bars on both sides of the road on a 500 meter long road. This is a great road to hang out on and walk up and down. A real fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon. The hard Rock Cafe and other Pattaya hotels and not to far from this central located area.

Soil 7 & 8 are two very great beer bar sois with a few ago-go scattered in between. There are also a few good restaurants and lower priced Pattaya hotels all mixed together. This is a very fun place to hang on and meet a new Thai girlfriend.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier - 


Pattaya property can be in the form of a beach condo, a house in west Pattaya or a villa in south Pattaya. There are may property agents in Pattaya that can help you find what your looking for.

Cost of living

I found the cost of living in Pattaya is much cheaper then in Phuket but more then Chiang mai and places of the north. I like Pattaya as a place to live and I would rank it number 2 for a place to retire in Thailand behind Chiang mai.

Tourist attractions

Pattaya being so close to Bangkok has many options a far as things to do. You can travel the outer islands on the weekend, take a trip the boarder of Cambodia or even go explore some of the islands like Koh Chiang to the south.